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The Who

The Most Convenient Way to Care For Your Car.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Asurion is a tech care company that enhances life through technology every day. When Asurion branched out into autmotive care and launched their Mobile Mechanic brand, they turned to Mane for help with graphic design to get the word out through ad placements and a sponsorship program.

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The How

Attention-Grabbing Design.

After winning the prestigious “Best of Nashville Scene” award, Asurion had the opportunity to increase their brand recognition through advertising in the Nashville Scene. They needed a quick turn-around on an eye-catching design that stayed true to their brand and highlighted the benefits of their services.

Mane provided 3 different design directions based on their specifications in order to best capture their goal. Working closely with the client, Mane was able to successfully deliver the ad ahead of schedule.

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The Impact

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After completing the layout design for the Nashville Scene ad, Asurion returned to Mane for additional design help. Mane assisted the Mobile Mechanic team by designing their promotional flyer for a local fundraising campaign.