Long Life Wellness

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The Who

Empowering women to take health into their own hands.

A competitive IFBB Professional Body Builder and a Board-Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Ellen Savary Long’s expertise is in body transformation specializing in hormonal imbalances of peri- and post-menopausal women.

Long Life Wellness Website Design

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The How

Web Design

As a new business, building a website was integral to launching Long Life Wellness. Mane built a website that highlighted Ellen’s expert background in health & wellness in a way that was clean & inviting for potential clients.

Long Life Wellness

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The Impact

Simplified User Experience

Mane used standard UX principles and an understanding of Long Life Wellness’ audience to create easy navigation, clean design, and a simplified way to contact Ellen for higher engagement.

Established Expertise

Mane’s layouts and visual hierarchies ensured that Ellen’s expertise in health & wellness would shine through her website without it feeling clunky or difficult to navigate. The design guides a user through Ellen’s extensive background and works to build the credibility of her brand.