Old Time Pottery

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Old Time Pottery

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The Who

39 stores. 11 states.

Old Time Pottery is the home décor store that lets you stretch your imagination without stretching your wallet.

Old Time Pottery

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The How

Web Design.

Along with delivering web design and content for various holiday campaigns, Mane provided Old Time Pottery with direction on how to improve the UX experience of the website and led the effort to ensure that their e-commerce platform was visually consistent for ease of navigation and a frictionless checkout for customers.

Graphic Design.

Mane worked closely with Old Time Pottery to enhance their brand and increase customer engagement, implementing a consistent art direction across communication channels. Mane created digital assets and print promotional material for email marketing, social and ad campaigns, and internal communication.

Old Time Pottery Holiday Hero Image

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The Impact

Consistent & Recognizable Brand.

The improved art direction, informed by understanding the customer and the latest design trends, was implemented into email campaigns, print design and website content.

5% Increase in Email Open Rates

Improved art direction and e-commerce strategy increased online shopping revenue via email campaigns.