Don't be a zebra. Let Mane Creative make your digital presence stand out.

Stand out from the herd.

At Mane, we have a results-backed process to get your company’s marketing & design from drab to fab, and we’re not afraid of the challenges thrown our way. By growing every aspect of your brand, our experts help you stand out from the competition and increase your ROI.

We know how to make an impact.

The Process

You’re unique. Because we actually get that, so are we. No two journeys look the same. At Mane, we devise a specific plan aligning with your goals to ensure the impact you’re looking for.

Mane Creative Research


You have to get this part right. We enjoy getting to know you, your brand, your competition & your goals.

Mane Creative Plan


We create S.M.A.R.T. solutions to your challenges, devising a strong plan that can actually be carried out.

Mane Creative Implementation


Our pack works tirelessly to see goals through with fearless and fierce execution.

Mane Creative Evaluate


You’re not left in the wilderness. We provide data & show you how our partnership can keep helping you grow wildly.

Did you know?

Lions are super adaptable and can get water from plants like the Tsamma Melon.

Let Mane help you adapt.