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Maximize & Monetize Enterprise Value.

TobinLeff is an M&A advisory and exit planning consulting firm that helps owners of marketing services agencies and MarTech companies sell to strategic buyers and private equity groups.

TobinLeff marketing campaign

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Maximize & Monetize Business Value.

Educating business owners through their thought leadership, TobinLeff offers resources and consulting to help executives strategically grow their companies so that they sell from a position of strength when its time for them to exit their business.

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Web & Branding, Digital Marketing & PR.

Mane developed and executed an extensive marketing & PR plan to increase TobinLeff’s social media presence and add new platforms of engagement for higher visibility among potential new clients.

Mane met with TobinLeff at their HQ in Pittsburgh to revise and hone their brand to better reflect their services and growth goals through strategic marketing. The strategy included development and implementation of a content calendar, a website redesign, and PR opportunities for the partners to increase their thought leadership through published features and speaking events.

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71% Follower Increase on LinkedIn.

Mane’s digital marketing efforts not only put TobinLeff in front of more subscribers but also led to engagement rates and click-throughs that were nearly triple the industry average.

Over 1,000 Podcast Listeners.

Mane launched & produced TL M&A Podcast, which features guests and thought leadership topics, further expanding the clients reach into the marketplace.

Increased Email Open Rate & Click-Through-Rate.

Highly targeted content led to an increase in email engagement with TobinLeff’s over 10,000 recipients.

“Big Leagues” Clients.

While Mane implemented various digital marketing and PR campaigns, TobinLeff was able to assist in and close deals with its largest clients ever in its 10 years of existence. Mane was glad to be a part of that.